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We believe in building and nourishing a generation of healthy eating adults and children. We start with the source, women and young families. We do this by providing you with the tools and strategies to simplify “healthy” eating using only trusted and evidenced-based science.                                                                                                                  

Eating good, staying active and a healthy lifestyle can make or break your body. We are dedicated to educating you about your health, nutrition and wellness, so that you can make informed decisions to enhance your diet and lifestyle.

Everyday you hear from the Media, the News and other people about what you should and should not eat. How do you decide between what information is real and what is not? We will do the hard work for you, and bring you only scientifically based answers and proven solutions that medical professionals use. Please see disclaimer (below) before you use any of this information.

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Your Nutrition:

Countdown to Ramadan

The Healthy Way to Eat

Your Plate:

Food Basics

The Major Food Groups

What is a Serving?

How to Use Servings when I Eat?

Facts on Nutrition Facts Panel

Your Ingredients


Coconut Oil


Cooking Tips:

Cooking Whole Grains

Cooking and Eating Tips

Disease & Conditions:

Acidity or Heartburn



Healthy Vegetarians

Reviews of Trending Diets:

The Paleo Diet


Most content on this website contains evidence-based, scientific information and approved nutrition recommendations by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and Dietitians of Canada. The information presented in these resources is for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace recommendations made by your doctor or health care providers. You should always consult a physician or dietitian before making drastic changes to your diet.
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