Nutrition Presentations

Public Education is a great way to improve health and reduce diseases in our society.
We will customize nutrition presentations in forms of seminars, webinars or lectures, to promote healthy behaviours and disease prevention. You can request seminars to be given for private events and group meetings, or a local school, or community groups and organizations, or for your corporate office.

Whatever topic you need we can cater to you. Topics can vary and will be customized to meet your and your audiences’ needs. Common topics include:

A general Guide to Healthy Eating

  • Learn to read labels, swap ingredients, pack smart snacks/lunches and makeover recipes, pantry, shopping lists for improved health.
  • Understand how to use fats to reduce fat or wheather or not to go low Carb.
  • Target: Lunch & Learns, Corporate Wellness, Gyms & Fitness Centres, Schools and Local community groups

Journey to Pregnancy and Healthy Baby
This is a four series presentation, select all or one:

  • Combat infertility and increase your chances for a healthy term pregnancy
  • Healthy eating choices during each stage of Pregnancy
  • Feeding, formulas and timings for a growing infant (0 to 18 months)
  • Art of feeding toddlers to prevent picky eating behaviours (1 to 6 year olds) includes self reflection for parents, eating patterns, mealtime activities.
  • Target: Parents, Couples with infertility (or trying to get pregnant), pregnant women, lactating women, parents struggling with picky eaters, Local Community, Fertility Clinics, Nurses and Doctors, other healthcare providers.

SuperFoods 101

  • Learn about the health effects of the new & ancient revived foods in grocery stores, such as: Quinoa, Kale, Chia, Hemp, Sprouted Grains, Kefir, Acai, Mangosteen, Psyllium Husk, Seaweed, etc.
  • Target: Lunch & Learns, Corporate Wellness, Gyms & Fitness Centres, Spa & Yoga Studios, Schools and Local community groups, Adults, Teens, Children.

Weight Loss – Step by Step Guide (8 or 12 week workshop)

  • Starts with self assessment to learn how much weight you need to lose, then get equipped with all the tools to get you started. Meet every week, alternate week or monthly to discuss the next steps to reach your ideal weight and keep it off.
  • Follow-up with a Maintenance workshop to keep the weight off.
  • Target: Adult Groups (6 or more), Community organizations (Church, Masjid, ethnic), Corporate Wellness programs, Gyms & Fitness centres, Spa & Yoga Studios, Clinics

Nutrition for Prevention

  • General Disease Prevention, OR targeted prevention of: Cancer, Heart diseases, Diabetes, Kidney disease/Dialysis, Food sensitivities, Autism, Alzheimer’s or Dementia.
  • Target: Lunch & Learns, Community groups, Adults, Teens, Parents or care-givers, Corporate Wellness programs, Gyms & Fitness centres, Spa & Yoga Studios, Health or Medical Clinics, Nurses, Doctors, other Healthcare providers.

Nutrition to Manage Diseases:

  • Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, PCOS, Gestational diabetes, Kidney diseases (pre- or post-dialysis), Heart disease, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Gout, Menopausal symptoms, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, IBS & digestive disorders and more
  • For targetted disease/conditions step-by-step guide workshops can be arranged
  • Target: Adult groups, Lunch & Learns, Patient Care-givers or Family, Medical Clinics, Nurses, Doctors, other Healthcare providers.

A Muslim’s Guide to Halal Nutrition

  • Helping Muslim families learn about Healthy Eating
  • Preparing for Ramadan, and
  • Choosing Healthy Menu’s from Halal Restaurants in the community

Know Your Spices

  • A guide to understanding and using herbs and spices to promote health

Other topics can be Customized to Your audiences’ needs.

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