Welcome to the Nutrition Guide – Countdown to Ramadan 2016:

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Introduction: Preparing for Ramadan: The Countdown begins

Day 21: What You Will Need to Get Started!

Day 20: Train Your Body to Get Enough Water and Prevent Dehydration

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Day 19: Prevent Headaches

Day 18: Schedule Your Happiness

Day 17: Learn by Doing – Prepare for Practice Day

Day 16: Evaluate How You are Doing so far!

Day 15: Choose the Right Protein to Nourish your Fasts

Day 14: Dairy Products And Lactose Intolerance

Day 13: Rice, bread, Noodles, Pasta – choose “whole” types of each grain.

Day 12: Choose the Right Fruits, Juices and Desserts

Day 11: Complete your plate with these ingredients

Day 10: Help your fasts, weight and cholesterol by fats

Day 9: Meal Planning for Iftaar, Sahoor and Dinner

Day 8: Practice Your Meal Planning

Day 7: Let’s makeover your traditional Iftaar dishes: Pakoda, Samosa, Falooda, Sherbets, Chaats

Day 6: Drink Enough Water – Aim for 8 – 12 cups within a 7 hour time frame (or the length of your night till dawn)

Day 5: Modify ingredients to make dishes healthy: Biryani, Harees, Haleem, Mansaf etc.

Day 4: Foods to Eat at Sahoor

Day 3: Let’s go shopping now

Day 2 or 1: Makeover you fridge, freezer and pantry

Day 0: Happy Ramadan! Please give your feedback


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