Its time to invest in your health!

We believe in building a generation of healthy eating adults and children. We do this by giving you the tools and step-wise strategies (both eating and lifestyle behaviours) for a Simple, Realistic and but Lasting change.

Our approach is dynamic and ever-changing. Browse through the various services we currently offer to find the best fit for your health needs, or call us to talk to the Registered Dietitian to help choose the right approach for you:

Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition counselling are individualized discussions with a dietitian, based on your preferences and cover topics you would like to discuss. The first of two sessions is a Nutrition Assessment, which is focused on learning more about each other, your food preferences, eating habits, health and medical background, your health needs, concerns and goals. Based on the results of the assessment, the dietitian and you will meet again (in a week or two) and work together as a team to plan strategies that are designed to help you reach your health goals. There will be no diets or short-term strategies prescribed, because wellness is a life long journey.
After the 2-day Nutrition Assessment you may come back as often as you like to evaluate your progress, or discuss other health issues. You can arrange as many check-ups as you like until you achieve your goals, it is commonly preferred by clients to return on a b-weekly or monthly basis. Packages can be built and tailored to your needs. Learn more

Image Courtesy of cooldesign via FreeDigitalPhotos.netNutriGenomics Testing

Forget one-size-fits-all nutrition guidance, let your genes determine what you should eat. You’re one simple DNA test away from personal nutrition recommendations. Nutrigenomix is a new-age genetic test, which uses the nutrigenomics technology to learn about how your body reacts to a particular food. By taking a saliva sample we will be able to create personalized nutrition recommendations that are based on your DNA! Learn more

Image Courtest of Grant Cochrane via freedigitalphotos.netShopping Smart

Shopping Smart is a grocery store tour lead by the dietitian at your local or favourite grocery stores. You will get firsthand experience in comparing foods based on good nutrition for price value. You will learn how to:
– Read food labels, understand Nutrition facts and major ingredient lists
– Decode marketing claims and strategies made by food manufacturers
– Shop more efficiently, help you save time and shop on a budget
– Make healthier food choices for your health needs or disease conditions
– Answer your food/nutrition questions, help in meal planning

Kitchen Nutrition Makeover

The Kitchen Nutrition makeover is a health check of the status of the foods you currently buy. You will get to take a second look at your pantry, fridge, freezer and spice cabinets’ nutrition with the dietitian. We will help you learn what works and what doesn’t – for your health needs and goals. The dietitian will evaluate your foods and provide you with tips and tools, helping you have access to nutritious foods.

A kitchen nutrition makeover is a much more personalized approach than the Shopping Smart Tour, and can take the place of the Shopping Smart service in your package, or you may do both. It would be ideal to first have a kitchen nutrition assessment before going on a shopping tour with the dietitian, if both services are required.

Master Isolated Images - 100279498Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis

Ever wondered if your diet is lacking in essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and functional foods? This is the chance to have your regular diet analyzed by the dietitian. You would keep a detailed 2-day food record, and this will be analyzed using nutrition software programs to provide you with personalized evaluation of your current nutrition status. Based on the findings a summary report of you days’ worth of nutrients will be provided. Subsequent meetings will be arranged to prescribe recommendations and help you find strategies to improve your health, prevent or manage diseases, and maintain adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and functional foods.

Image Courtesy of ddpavumba via FreeDigitalPhotos.netFood Tracking Analysis

Do you already track your foods on fitness apps or food tracking apps, like MyFitnessPal, LoseIt! or others? Or do you want to have a quick review and feedback on your current diet? Look no further, you can simply send your food logs and get them analyzed, with your dietitian’s feedback on how you are doing and how to make improvements. If you don’t currently use any of those apps, we can help set you up, or you could use paper food logs/diaries. This service can be paired with your current nutrition plan or taken independently. No appointment necessary, you can get complete feedback and support over the phone or internet.

Boians Cho Joo Young - 100167763Recipe Makeover

Ever feel that “healthy” food tastes like eating cardboard? There are several ways to season and flavour your meals while still keeping them nutritious. This service can help you make easy ingredient swaps to your own favourite and traditional ethnic recipes to make them more health-friendly. You can get useful kitchen tips and tools on preparing, cooking, seasoning, serving, storing and experimenting with different ingredients; and portioning your plates. This service can be arranged as you prefer, either send your detailed recipes to us, bring your recipes in your next meetings, cook together or have a cook-off with your dietitian! What ever works for you, works for us. If a makeover is not what you are looking for, then new recipes can be provided to you.

Personalized Meal Plansarztsamui - 10059627

Through continuous nutrition counselling we prepare you to develop the skills needed to plan your own meals. However, sometimes it may feel too overwhelming, thus a meal plan can be purchased to help you fall back on track. We believe giving sample days’ or weeks’ meal plans will not empower you to make informed health choices on a daily basis, or when eating out or on holidays. Thus nutrition counselling would be the best approach, and this service should be served only as a back-up plan.

If you are looking for shortcuts to healthy eating, this service may be right for you. You will get a week’s worth of individualized meal plan based on Canada’s Food Guide and your individual preferences, and a grocery list to correspond with it. Pairing this with recipe combo will give you up to 6 new or your own old-modified recipes.

Image Courtesy of Kittikun Atsawintarangkul via FreeDigitalPhotos.netNutri-Meds Check – Coming Soon!

Did you know that many foods can interact with your medicines and increase or decrease their effectiveness? Even nutrition and herbal supplements can effect some medicines and other foods you eat. Not all supplements are safe for all people. Bring your prescription medications and supplements to us for a quick check-up, and we can advice you on which foods you need to avoid or increase for your unique situation.

Image Courtest of smarnad via freedigitalphotos.netNutrition Seminars & Workshops

We routinely schedule nutrition presentations in forms of seminars, webinars or workshops, to promote healthy behaviours and prevent diseases in the community. The seminars can be given for a private event, a local school, community groups and organizations, or corporate industry. Topic can vary and will be customized to your needs. You can schedule a seminar or presentation. Health workshops will be held by the dietitian at local avenues or online, on topics of interests. See the Events schedule for up-coming workshops, seminars or webinars.

Resource WritingImage courtesy of Stuart Miles via

If you would like nutrition articles, recent research findings or reviews of products written, we are your resource. Registered dietitians are the go-to-individuals for food and nutrition information. We provide up-to-date, evidence based nutrition information for individuals, media/press or organizations.

And more…

We can provide recipe development, nutrient analysis of your menus or recipes. Can think of other ways  we can benefit you or your community? We are here to help, please contact us to discuss other options.