How to get rid of headaches fast

There are several common habits that could STOP you from achieving your health goals. Habits that make you feel tired, lose concentration and have painful headaches or migraines. Here we will talk about some reasons that could cause headaches and how you can get rid of a headache fast.

Have headaches or migraines interrupted you in your daily activities, work, and life? Headache is very common in almost every person who fasts or abstains from food for a long time. There is scientific evidence proving that the longer you fast the stronger the headaches become. There could be several different reasons for these headaches, which I will address here. If any or all of them apply to you, today is the day to start working on them.

Headache Reason 1: Dehydration
We have previously talked about water and how it’s easy to forget it and become dehydrated. Many people experience headaches during fasting. One big reason for these headaches is dehydration from not drinking enough water – which you will be avoiding now because you are getting well prepared for it, right?! Have you increased your usual intake with 1 more cup today? Drink one now while you read this.

Headache Reason 2: Too Much Caffeine
Another common reason for headaches is dehydration from caffeine. Caffeine is a “diuretic” – a chemical that helps remove fluid out of your body, which makes you want to visit the bathroom often. A moderate amount of caffeine will not dehydrate you, it’s a common myth. But too much caffeine can. Too much caffeine in the evening will not only interrupt your sleeping patterns and digestion, but will also add to your dehydration factor – increasing your chances of double headaches.

Most people should limit their intake to 2-3 cups (measured – 250ml or 8 fl. ounces) of coffee or tea every day. Not mugs, not jugs, and not bowls (that’s the size of our cups now). Depending on your body, age, health condition and genes – you may benefit from restricting your caffeine intake a lot more.

How much are you drinking?
  • Measure out your regular mug of coffee or tea right now (if you get take-out coffee – use that cup).
  • Pour in it some water and put that water in a measuring cup (remember I asked you to get this on Day 21).
  • Is it really 1 cup or 250 ml? Even a “small” Starbucks or Tim Horton’s coffee may not be 1 cup. So imagine how much you are ACTUALLY drinking on a daily basis!
  • Also the caffeine content depends on how long you brew or boil your tea/coffee, the stronger and darker it is, the more caffeine it has. Just remember coffee and tea are not the only source of caffeine many foods products have some caffeine in them too. (Foods that have Caffeine)

Headache Reason 3: No Caffeine!
I mean, withdrawal from not drinking caffeine all of a sudden, especially if you are used to it. Headache is the major symptom of caffeine withdrawal, other symptoms are mood swings, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. The good news is that the symptoms usually last 2 – 9 days and usually no more than 21 days.

Could Caffeine be behind your Headaches and Migraines?
What You Can Do Now:
  • If you always wanted to quit drinking, but never felt it was the right time – this may the perfect time to do it.
  • If now, you should decrease your intake to the recommended amount of less than 2 or 3 (Get the exact amount of Caffeine you need for your body and genes) – this is also a great time to do it. Cutting back even a little as one cup of tea/coffee will still give you withdrawal symptoms, so do it slowly.
Steps you can take today:
  1. Practice to see if you get headaches when you don’t drink your Caffeine beverage at the regular time, for more than 12 hours.
  2. Use exactly 250 ml cups for your drinks, this way you can track how much you actually drink.
  3. Don’t stop abruptly, try reducing the amount of caffeine today by half a cup, then maintain that for 2 to 3 days. And then reduce the other half – this will prevent headaches.
  4. If you love the taste of your coffee/tea everyday then use a decaffeinated version of it after your second cup.
  5. Boil and Brew your tea or coffee for shorter time, the lighter the drink the lower the caffeine content.

Nutrigenomix - Caffeine

Headache Reason 4: Nicotine Withdrawal and Tobacco Use
Nicotine withdrawal can be another factor. Quitting or reducing the amount may help prevent headaches fast. Try making an effort to reduce even 1 cigarette a day for this week. Next week you can cut down one more!

Many people find quitting cold turkey will help – but this is usually only possible for very motivated individuals. If you are planning to quit, plan ahead for it and mentally prepare for it from now.
Download the Guide to become a Non-Smoker
Quit Smoking Aids

Headache Reason 5: Another reason for headaches could be a drop in blood sugar which results from not eating for a long time. Make a habit of eating every 4 to 5 hours with a healthy small meal or snack. This will help get rid of headaches fast.



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