Preparing for Ramadan

21Days to Go
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Welcome to the countdown to 21 Days to Ramadan.

I am a registered dietitian, located in Greater Toronto Area, Canada – and I am dedicated to helping Muslims eat better and live healthy, disease free lives. I am also a Muslim, who has lived in countries like Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India, USA and Canada; this cultural diversity has taught me many different aspects of food and its ethnic significance in Ramadan.

  • Have you experienced headaches, dizziness or heartburn during your fasts in Ramadan?
  • Did – low energy levels, tea/coffee withdrawals or smoking withdrawals – ever stop you from having a productive month of Ramadan?
  • Have you faced challenge in managing a non-fasting member of your family (a child or an elderly family member)?
  • Do you try to drink as much water as your bladder can hold before Fajr or before bedtime?
  • Do you feel you tend to spend most of your time preparing meals instead of spending time in Ibaadah?
  • Do you need help planning your meals for Ramadan?
  • Are you at risk of high cholesterol or diabetes and want to learn how to eat healthy in Ramadan?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you will find this guide helpful.

This guide is designed to help you and your family find healthful and ready-to-use strategies to apply daily in preparation for the long fasts in Ramadan.

Every day you will receive one tip – which you should try to implement on the same day. There will be new tips added every day to build on top of the previous tips and if you successfully attempt these, InshaAllah you will be well prepared for this year’s Ramadan.

Please comment and let me know:

  • What Are Your Goals for This Ramadan?
  • What Challenges do You face during Fasting or Planning Meals?

I’d love to hear back from you since this is designed JUST for YOU! I will be sure to address these concerns in future emails.

Feel free to also share these tips with your family and friends and also help them get ready for this Ramadan.

Thank You. Message from your personal Dietitian,

Shaistha Zaheeruddin

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