9 Days to go

Day 9

Let’s start putting everything together now. When Ramadan comes you want to be ready for it.

Getting all the food groups is essential to keep you energized during this Ramadan, and nourish your body to get encourage proper health and prevent any diseases. Ramadan is a blessed time, to use this moment to bless your body with healthy food.

Use this table below to plan out your meals for each day. Depending on your appetite and body size you can have the more or less from the given range of each food groups, but it is important to get each group every day. Aim for at least 3 groups each meal.

ramadan meal plan

It is best to get most of your:

  • Fruits during iftaar and dinner
  • Vegetables and whole grains at Dinner and Sahoor
  • Fats – get at least ¼ cup of nuts per day and 1- 1 ½ Tbsp cooking oil per meal

If you are having trouble planning please reply back and I can guide you.

We will be discussing recipe swaps and make over for your common Ramadan Meals. Please let me know what you commonly eat at iftaar and at Sahoor, so that I can tailor tomorrow’s guide.

Review the different food group guidelines:

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