4 Days to go

Day 4

Foods to Eat during Sahoor:

Whole Grains: 1 – 2 cup – Whole wheat cereal, bran, oatmeal, whole wheat pita, whole wheat #bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta, cornbread. Eat more whole grain at Sahoor, this will keep you full for longer and slow the release of energy throughout the day.

Vegetables: 1 – 2 cups – cooked or grilled vegetables or salad

Dairy: 1 cup – Yogurt or Milk

Proteins: ½ cup – eggs, legumes, lentils, chicken, lamb, beef, veal

Limit caffeine, fruits and sweets.
Eating fruits and sweets at sahoor will cause you to get hungry sooner, so avoid this at sahoor and have these during iftaar instead.

Happy Ramadan!

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