20 Days to go

Day 20Train your body to get enough water and avoid dehydration

If you have ever fasted, you know the importance of water. How many times have you started a fast and regretted not having the time to drink enough water?

The Habit of Water Drinking:
We all know that we should try to drink as much water as we possibly can before starting our fast and we try to plan for it. But like any good habit, it does not happen naturally overnight. Habits take time to develop. This is one of the reasons I have developed this guide 3 weeks in advance, to give your body enough time to prepare for and adapt to new habits. It takes at least 14 days for any new habit to stick.

Why it can be difficult?
Water is one of the simplest but the hardest habit to develop. We all forget to drink water. The reason behind it is that our body cannot tell the difference between thirst and hunger. Most of the time when you feel you are hungry, you may actually be thirsty! The body usually doesn’t give obvious signs that you need water until the water level in your body has really gone down enough for you to be dehydrated. So when you feel the dryness in the mouth or chapped lips – it’s already too late – you are already dehydrated. (Know the signs of Dehydration)

What you need to do?
That is why we need to make a fully aware and conscious effort to drink water. For most people you need to drink up to 2 – 3 litres (How much water do I need?), this includes all fluids such as milk, tea/coffee, other beverages, but more than half of the fluids should come from plain water.

The easiest way to do this is keeping a bottle or jug of water, filled up to the 2 or 3 litre mark, and aiming to finish that before the day ends. But, I don’t like the taste of water, what can I do instead?

Your mission for today and on wards:

Step 1: Review the amount of water you have drank today (not counting other fluids at this time). Is it 3 cups, 5 cups, or 8 cups? Have you not even reached 1 cup yet? Don’t worry, it’s not too late yet. We have 3 more weeks, make a goal today.

Step 2: Go and get a glass, bottle or jug – ideally with measurements on it – and designate this as Your Ramadan’s Water Goal Jug, Glass or Bottle.

Step 3: Keep this in a place that you can always see it, as a constant reminder. On your work station, in your car, near your bed, or anywhere that you spend most time at. This is where your alarm/phone reminder can get useful!

Step 4: Make it a mission to complete the entire amount (even if it is only 1 litre). It’s better to start small than to drink the entire 3 litres. You will not only be running to the bathroom all day, but you might get overhydrated – which is also not good for the body. Just work by increasing 1 cup to your current intake every day or every other day.

What’s Next: If you are living in a country that has really short nights, then you might want to try making a habit of drinking 1 cup an hour within a 6 – 7 hour period. This will be your next mission – some time in day 7. So this is what you need to start working towards. First make your body used to drinking 2 – 3 litres, then train yourself to drink that amount in a 7 hour period to prepare for your Fasts.

Happy Drinking!
So, tell me what will you do today?

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