17 Days to go

So far we have discussed the backbones of feeling good this Ramadan by understanding the importance and effects of some of our common behaviours, such as:

  • Forgetting to Drink Enough Water
  • Drinking Too Much Caffeine
  • Not being prepared for Withdrawal Headaches (from caffeine, nicotine, etc.)
  • Optimal exposure to Sunlight
  • Proper Sleep Schedule
  • Balance of Sitting and Moving Time

Now it’s time to put it all in to action. This guide is not here just to ‘inform’ you of health behaviours and strategies, but to prepare you for hands-on ‘action’. So please get your sleeves-rolled up and get a notepad and start making a list!

Must Read! Disclaimer: The information I have shared with you so far, is based on the current evidence for the general adult population, but it is not a means to replace any recommendations or treatments given to you by your healthcare providers. These suggestion should be used to supplement your current medical treatment not substitute it. If any of the information is contradicting to your medical advice, then please only follow your medical advice or speak with your doctor if these strategies are safe for you.

We Learn by Doing, so Tomorrow is designed to be your first practice day!

This will be the first of two practice days of fasting.  Join thousands of other Muslims who will be practicing fasting tomorrow and try out some of the recommendations we have talked about so far!

This practice days can be as simple as changing your habits or schedule OR as complex as fasting half or the full day. Whatever you feel will help you get ready, this is the day to figure your timings and schedule out. It is important to establish this before we move on to FOODS next week.

To begin: download and print the Ramadan Practice 1 sheet and fill in-all the blanks and checkboxes with your family members.

Ramadan Practice 1


All the best and let me know how you did!

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